Puppy preparation , P – 24hours and counting….

Indoor Crate

The new guide dog puppy arrives tomorrow and its fair  to say there is a mix of emotion in the house; excitement, a bit of anxiety and the anticipation of  a little canine whirlwind disrupting out neatly ordered lives!

Cosy new bed

So today’s task is to puppy proof the house. First job is to put up a couple of stair gates to create a safe puppy friendly area in the house. Our house has a lack of doors and at times likes this it doesn’t seem quite such a neat idea! Next a cosy home for him to call is own. (Yes he is a male, but that’s all that’s being revealed until tomorrow!) We have used indoor kennels for all our dogs to keep the puppy safe when we are out and to give him a bit of his own space.  Added to this is an old fruit tray from the supermarket for a bed and one of my old fleeces for bedding, not that we’re being cheap you understand! The box will get destroyed and the fleece smells of me! So hopefully nice and reassuring as he settles in, although I’ll obviously want it back as it’s one of my favourites!

Under or over?

Next up is the garden safe for any budding puppy Steve McQueens? It’s all fenced but the gates have now got wire at the bottom to prevent any limbo breakout. The pond is a puppy magnet and is now covered with a bit of trellis.

Bob inspects the stair gate

So we’re all happy …. well not quite I’m afraid. One member of the house already has a hunted look on her face; the Dark Lord herself, our ill tempered cat Bob …. she won’t be happy!



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5 responses to “Puppy preparation , P – 24hours and counting….

  1. Vicki Gilbert

    Ooooh, exciting. so pleased you have started puppy waling again. Best wishes to you and the new arrivaL.

  2. Vicki Gilbert

    How old is Bob now?

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  4. We’re so looking forward to following your new puppy in training!

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