Rochester has arrived!

Just arrived

We are sitting down with a drink after the first hectic 8 hours with Rochester our new guide dog puppy.  He arrived at midday with our puppy training supervisor and a bag full of stuff. Food – check, leads – check, big book of instructions – check! There has of course been no time to read anything, what with playing, feeding, peeing and pooing!

Where am I?


Rochester is a Golden Retriever/Labrador cross or in guide dog acronyms; a Grel! He is 7 weeks old and weighs in at 3.5kg. On the low side for a 7 week puppy, but he was one of a litter of 12! He certainly isn’t lacking an appetite and has been eagerly waiting for each of his feeds.

Asleep .. at last

He has settled into his indoor kennel and has quite happily made his way into it without any encouragement….. which is where he is now after what has been a long and exhausting day; and that’s just us!



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6 responses to “Rochester has arrived!

  1. Vicki Gilbert

    Welcome 🙂

  2. Snookie Mello

    Yay! He’s such a cutie…

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  4. Congratulations! Wishing you the best with your new little cutie. We’re just a little ahead of you with our second service pup, Rissie; it’ll be fun to watch them grow together. 🙂

  5. Good luck with it all. He looks very bright and perky and what a great name!

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