Day 4 in the small puppy house..

And in the diary room Rochester is asleep, again! Like all puppies Rochester needs plenty of rest, which for for the rest of us is a great relief as having a puppy is EXHAUSTING! We had deliberately left a relatively clear diary for the week after his arrival so that we could give him plenty of time to settle into his new home. He is a friendly, confident little fellow and has done this remarkably well.

The first night was a restless, sleepless affair …. not for the puppy, who slept soundly with only the ocasional bit of “yipping”. The real challenge was Bob the cat who realising that her empire was being challenged spent the night running her claws down the bedroom door like a crazed prisoner in a long forgotten dungeon, unfortunately we were the ones who felt we were locked up! Probably for our own protection from the vengeful instincts of Bob.

Rochester has settled into a good routine of playing, eating, sleeping and begining to learn about “being a Guide Dog”. The priorities for the first few days have been house training and socialisation. The former is going well (more on his toilet habits in a later blogpost; there’s something to look forward to!) and there has been no shortage of friends willing to help with the latter. So after a couple of days settling in Rochester was ready to receive his first visitors! He has been confident and friendly when meeting new people which is an encouraging sign for the future. He is also warm, soft, cuddly and still posessing the unmistable “puppy smell”, so is therefore willing to accept cuddles from anyone!

And now it’s back to sleep …. again!



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5 responses to “Day 4 in the small puppy house..

  1. Fi Jury

    We love today’s update, Jennifer especially! We shall be following Rochester’s blog with much interest! Very cute and cuddly! X

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  3. Delighted to hear that Rochester is settling in so well!

  4. Karen Spencer

    Hello, this is Karen Spencer. My father, David Rochester, was Rochester’s namesake, so I’ll be following the blog! He really sounds like a good fellow so far, and look forward to new posts as they’re written. Thanks for the blog!

    • Hello Karen. Thank you for your post, it’s very nice to hear from you. Your Dads namesake is indeed a great little chap and so far is doing really well. Hopefully we will get to meet in due course. Very Good wishes from all of us.

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