Dogs chase cats

All fans of Tom and Jerry will remember the wise words of Spike to his son … “there’s three rules about being a dawg … top of the list is Dogs chase cats“! … Well not if you are a Guide-Dog! Trainee Guide dogs that persistently chase cats end up not being guide-dogs! So the challenge for puppy walkers is to help the dog learn this.  We have had the benefit of having our own cats to help train the puppies. Our old cat Petra was really quite fond of the puppies. She was willing to interact and gently teach “the rules” if the puppy got too boisterous. A hissing cat and a gentle whack with “soft paws” is usually enough to teach the dog.

Petra teaches with "soft paws"

Petra teaches with "soft paws"

Sadly Petra died, leaving  Bob to “teach” the puppies in her own unique way! Bob doesn’t like dogs and in particular puppies! She will stand her ground and whack a dog if it gets too close, in fact she has been known to seek them out to “teach them a lesson”! On the one hand this is good; the puppy quickly learns “Don’t mess with cats”. However if the price of this lesson is being maimed by a bad-tempered cat; then it’s not worth the risk. So until Rochester can dodge the punches we have to keep on eye on the two of them!

Bob showing Ufton who is Boss

p.s. Spike’s rules for dogs were :-

  1.  We are mans best friend
  2. Dogs bury bones!
  3. Dogs chase cats!

 See the full episode and a bit of Tom and Jerry nostalgia at YouTube .. “That’s my Pup!”


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