Blowing hot and cold

Welcome to another post from puppywithapurpose and the first to feature the weather! There has been a bit of snow  here or if you believe the papers “panic as snow hits freezing Britain”! There has been no “panic” from Rochester; however there has been a fair degree of curiosity and not a little grumpiness!


Watching a puppy’s first encounter with snow is always a fun thing. Previous dogs have had a range of reactions. Monty loved it and immediately starting running around with great excitement, a trait that never left him. The first flurry of winter snow would always bring out his inner puppy! Ufton greeted his first snow with supreme calm, bordering on indifference.

So what has Rochester made of it? Well I think it’s fair to say he isn’t happy! We had worked out a few weeks ago that he doesn’t like the cold. When we take him out in the car he had been whining and shaking a bit which we had initially put down to car sickness. However once we warmed up the car prior to a drive he was fine! To be fair to him, he doesn’t have much fat on him yet so I guess sub zero temperatures are not going to be welcomed! He is also proud to have inherited a very warm fleecy coat from another much loved family dog, Scooby.

From a training point of view the challenge is to make sure he doesn’t start to associate going out of the house with a bad experience, so we will keep trips out short and fun. As he is now house trained we can also start taking him into nice warm supermarkets and shops!

Rochester has discovered that he  very much likes the fire! There is nothing more cosy than a nice fire on a cold day and this is something Rochester has embraced! Like a number of previous dogs he has worked out the optimum distance between himself and the fire to ensure maximum warmth versus minimum injury! There really isn’t anything more content than a dog asleep in front of a warm fire!



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4 responses to “Blowing hot and cold

  1. He is absolutely gorgeous! My daughter’s in-laws adopted a failed guide dog (bless him) a few ears ago. Do you know whether it is still possible to adopt them?

  2. Aw thank you times two 🙂 The in-laws say there’ll be a long waiting list but I finish work in eight weeks so I’ll be home all day to care for a dog soon. I’m off to take a look. Keep up the good work! Avis

  3. angeldn3

    Hello there, my name is Cheryl Echevarria, I have my own blog at, I am a travel agent, who is blind and has a guide dog from the Guide Dog Foundation of Smithtown, NY. We need more puppy raisers, like yourself world wide. Maxx, my guide dog and I travel all over, to make sure the blind can travel independently with there guides on cruise ships, to Walt Disney World, to the U.K. and the rest of the World. I am also an advocate with the National Federation of the Blind, and a division member of NAGDU, which is the National Association of Guide Dog Users, which helps makes the laws here in the US for accessibility for blind people with guide dogs.

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