Calendar Stars!

Last week was the final session of puppy classes until May. It was nice to see the progress Rochester and his friends have made over the last month. Last week was particularly testing as the puppies were “learning” to avoid increasingly tempting “distractions” left on the floor. First off was general litter, followed by a food wrapper and finishing with an empty tin of tuna!

I will not look at the camera without a treat!

As well as our usual practice, this week the puppies were lined up for a photo shoot to star in upcoming Swindon Guide Dog Branch calendar. Local photographer Steve Iles had gamely agreed to try and capture Rochester, Ben, Winter, Jasper, Mia and Sonny.

Mia, "resting" before going centre stage

The local Amateur Dramatics group had a wonderful set half built on stage which provided a nice indoor backdrop. Outside it was a lovely sunny day so the village daffodils set the dogs of nicely. 

Steve is obviously a man of great skill and patience as he gamely tried to get the dogs to sit still and pose long enough to have their picture taken! Rochester clearly didn’t believe he should have to sit around and pose as he struggled to run off and generally misbehave!!

Still at last!



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5 responses to “Calendar Stars!

  1. How cute! Mia looks a lot like Annie. I see that you’re a ‘puppy walker’ – is that the same as a puppy raiser?

  2. Pauline Sturman

    Love the photo of Rochester lazing by the fire….. He is getting to be a big boy. His daddy would be proud!! Great blog showing all the hard work you do. Am missing Rosco as he is away ‘doing his thing’ but looking at this reminds me of the result and knowing how many people it helps is a great thing to be part of.

  3. Thanks for the mention Andrew. I really enjoyed my morning with puppies. Even at that young age their characters are shining through. It was nice to get outside amongst the daffodils. Thanks to everyone for their co-operations and patience. All the dogs were complete stars.
    Thank you

  4. Great photos! The photographer certainly did a wonderful job!

    Have a lovely Easter
    Clive & Murray

  5. bethfinke

    I love the name Rochester. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the dedicated an dloving work you do with these puppies, very much appreciated!

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