Mr. Rochester ….swoon!

In 2009 Mills & Boon and The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival hosted a poll to decide the nation’s favourite literary hero. Could it be the wild and mysterious Heathcliff? What about the debonair charm of Rupert Campbell Black? Or maybe the quiet intensity of Captain Corelli? ….. Well they all lost in favour of our very own Mr.Rochester! Yes the hero of Jane Eyre and namesake of Guide Dog puppy Rochester won the prize.

A completely non scientific poll gathered the following words to describe Mr. Rochester –  Deceitful, self-centred, spoilt, awkward, passionate, tormented, handsome, driven, charismatic, brooding. So as the following pictures illustrate; they don’t all apply to our own Mr. R. !

At Romance HQ!

Never one to miss an opportunity for attention Rochester recently had the opportunity to visit the head office of Mills & Boon or as it’s better known; Romance HQ!

Rochester enjoyed being told how handsome he was, how driven to be a successful dog he was, how all rumours of awkwardness were untrue and that since his visit to the vet all opportunity for “brooding” was out of the question.


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