Mr. Rochester has left the building

Every puppy-walker knows that roughly 12 months after taking delivery of an oh-so-cute puppy you have to hand it back … and yesterday was the day Rochester left us for Guide-Dog school. The most frequent question we are asked as puppy-walkers is “How can you give him back”? The obvious answer is, “well, he isn’t my dog”! However the real answer is; it’s a very emotional day. A mix of sadness that this lovely, friendly , well behaved (mostly) dog is no longer around but also a real sense of pride in seeing him graduate onto the next stage of his training.

The next stage is 4 months at Guide-dog school in Redbridge. Rochester travelled up with his friends Isca and Ivy and will be sharing a room with Ivy. Each day he will have two training walks and two free runs plus time in the “environmental play area”.

So to finish off this final blog piece we are enclosing a selection of pictures from Rochester’s time with us.



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7 responses to “Mr. Rochester has left the building

  1. Harriette Harra

    You did a great job with him. I’ve enjoyed the blog very very much. Kids grow up, don’t they? Hope we can follow him past this stage every so often. Thank you for the wonderful photos of him over the past year, too. They’re keepers!

  2. I got to “know” Rochester through Twitter and will miss his puppy musings.
    Do you have a bit of a break before you get.the next puppy?

    I have a feeling Rochester will do very well 🙂 x

  3. jennifer drake

    Yep, know how you must be feeling. Hopefully you will have contact again once he is fully trained and matched with his new owner. I was lucky enough to meet up with Guide Dog Mercer and his owner Artur before Christmas, it was lovely to see how my headstrong puppy has turned into a fabulous guide dog and see the bond between him and Artur. It was also pretty great to see that he hadn’t forgotten me, his first human mum, beause I will never forget him.

  4. Susie Vereker

    Oh, bit sad for you

  5. I have so enjoyed your posts on Rochester and his year with you. I know you will miss him, but you must be so terribly proud to see him off to school where he will become the whole world to the person who needs him. I just know Monty is smiling down on Rochester and on you and your husband too. I hope you can post later about Rochester with his new person.

  6. jennifer drake

    SOOOO EXCITED!!!! I have seen your Rochester today !!! he was at the Virgin London Marathon Expo on the Guide dog stand, I was there with another puppy. I was chatting to the trainers there from Redbridge and said, “Who’s this then” and it was Rochester!! He looks great I have some photos if you want to see!

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