Rochester Update

Rochester at redbridge_1Well it’s been a couple of months since Mr. R. left us to move onto the next stage of his training. He is now at the Redbridge Guide-Dog school where he has settled in very nicely. Guide-Dogs are great at keeping their volunteers up to date with the progress of puppies, so we were thrilled to have had a couple of phone calls from his trainer Kat and also a “I’ve arrived” picture.

At the Expo

At the school the dogs are kennelled with one or two other trainee’s; Rochester was apparently thrilled to be rooming with Ivy and Betty who are his new Best Friends Forever (BFF!).  One of the new things the dogs are soon introduced to is the harness. He has taken to it well and as you can see from the photographs.

You may also notice he looks a little thinner! He was carrying a few extra pounds when he left us! but a combination of a new diet, lots of exercise and the company of other dogs seems to have had a beneficial effect.

IMG_0020_1We are very grateful to Blog follower Jennifer Drake who met Rochester when he was working on the Guide-Dog stand  at the London Marathon Expo. It was wonderful to hear how he was and see the great pictures. So many thanks Jennifer!



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3 responses to “Rochester Update

  1. Harra, Harriette

    Fantastic ! Good to see he is well and progressing right along.

  2. Karen Spencer

    I’m the daughter of Rochester’s namesake, and am happy to see that he’s doing well with his new BFFs! Good on you Roch!

  3. Jenny

    I met Rochester. With Andrew in Dorcas. House. And he was beautiful boy. So pleased to have met him. Good luck roch. !!
    Jenny. C.

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