Rochester – the last post!

IMG_3654This week has been an exciting one for us and for Rochester, because he has reached the end of his training! In the next few weeks the staff at GuideDogs will match him with a prospective owner.

 IMG_3660When a trainee dog reaches this stage the puppy walkers are invited to see him work and meet up with him for one last time. We last saw Rochester in February, so the prospect of seeing him again was very exciting and quite emotional.

 Before seeing him work we met up with his trainer Catherine for a coffee to hear how he has got on in the last few months. He is still the friendly, bright  well mannered dog we knew and loved. In addition he is now a steady and reliable working dog.

 IMG_3654Next we went off to north London to see him working. To avoid distracting him whilst he’s working we had to try and follow at a discreet distance. Catherine noticed that Rochester was sniffing the air more than normal and thought he probably knew we were around!! Watching him work in the busy, noisy streets was amazing. He was completely unmoved by traffic, road works, sirens, other dogs and the crowds of suburban London. He was totally focussed on Catherine and on guiding her through all the buzz and crowds.

 IMG_3687We ended up in a park where Rochester was relieved of his harness and allowed to have a free run. This was also our moment to stop hiding and come and say hello!

 Having seen him as a 6 week old puppy it was a very proud moment to see him now; A happy, confident and capable dog.

 And this is where our relationship with Rochester ends and PuppywithaPurpose signs off. So good luck Mr. Rochester, thank you for sharing the first 18months of your life with us.IMG_3739


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