Puppy Ufton

Our first puppy, Ufton was with us for a year in 2004. He qualified in 2005 and continues to work.


4 responses to “Puppy Ufton

  1. bethfinke

    Just noticed you signed up to follow my blog, hope you enjoy hearing stories of my working dogs as much as I enjoy hearing about you training them as pups. Happy New Year!

  2. Madelaine Kirke

    Ufton, now retired, lives with me. Would you like a picture?

    • Hi Madelaine
      Thank you so much for your message, what a lovely surprise. funnily enough I was looking at some puppy pictures of “The Uff” a few days ago, he was a great puppy and we were so pleased he went on to work for so many years. He was placed with a lady who lives in Oxfordshire and we would occasionally see him out working; head down, very focused!

      It’s great he is now enjoying retirement with you, it would be wonderful to see some pictures and hear how he is doing.

      good wishes

      Andrew & Nicola Cornick

  3. suzi port

    Hi I have a ufton from stockton completed training but found work too stressful . He`ll be 14 in April still doing great & much loved . Great to see another ufton .

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