Puppy Ufton

Our first puppy, Ufton was with us for a year in 2004. He qualified in 2005 and continues to work.


5 responses to “Puppy Ufton

  1. bethfinke

    Just noticed you signed up to follow my blog, hope you enjoy hearing stories of my working dogs as much as I enjoy hearing about you training them as pups. Happy New Year!

  2. Madelaine Kirke

    Ufton, now retired, lives with me. Would you like a picture?

    • Hi Madelaine
      Thank you so much for your message, what a lovely surprise. funnily enough I was looking at some puppy pictures of “The Uff” a few days ago, he was a great puppy and we were so pleased he went on to work for so many years. He was placed with a lady who lives in Oxfordshire and we would occasionally see him out working; head down, very focused!

      It’s great he is now enjoying retirement with you, it would be wonderful to see some pictures and hear how he is doing.

      good wishes

      Andrew & Nicola Cornick

  3. suzi port

    Hi I have a ufton from stockton completed training but found work too stressful . He`ll be 14 in April still doing great & much loved . Great to see another ufton .

  4. Madelaine Kirke

    Just to let you know that Ufton is 14! He is going strong and is only slow when he can’t see the point. Hardly an old dog at all.

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